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Coming up in October 2019:

October 18 - November 6

I have been invited by Antonio E.M. Giordano -- art critic/historian/professor, in Roma and an admirable advocate of women's rights -- to exhibit in a group show,

"Child Marriage: L'ombra di Barbablù." It will be held at the Sala del Consiglio Municipio Roma Centro. More details coming soon.

October 30

My video, "Love Letter to Roma, tra mito e realtà," will be projected all day, on the main screen at Macro Asilo Museum, (Museo D'Arte Contemporanea di Roma) Via Nizza 138, Roma. The video, created for my project Love Letter to Roma, was held June 4 - 16, in the Black Room. It was a wonderful two weeks with guests: Photographer Ruggero Passeri and Architects, Paolo Gelsomini & Piero Meogrossi and where I had the pleasure of meeting people from all over the world. Although the video was created for a quiet ambient, such as the Black Room, the huge screen in the lobby will be a welcomed size projection. I plan on being there in the afternoon and invite all friends in Roma to join me, and afterwards for a drink. More details coming soon.

image from Love Letter to Roma, tra mito e realtà
Sisters on Train

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