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Barbara Schaefer




painting with light

about me

Interview with Alex Ag on

Single Shot

Artist Statement


I work at night, in the dark. I discover and am surprised by the absence of light and noise. Using only flickers from a flashlight, I paint with light.


My work in various art forms - dance, choreography, continuum movement, writing and music - has informed and enhanced my primary work as a visual artist. The inter-relationship of these disciplines develops my awareness of the underlying principles that are essential to all art forms. First, all art-making requires presence, patience and showing up for the work, even when it seems nothing is happening. Then, listening, observation, decisiveness, and release.


Having painted for many years, this process of painting with light is a natural progression. My work is not constructed, but emerges as life presents itself moment to moment. 

When working with another, I invite the person to move within the space in her or his own accord. In this way, everyone’s intuition is heightened. What emerges is authentic, fresh and surprising. And always unknown.


When working without people, I move within the space, allowing the space to inform me as if it were a living being.


This work continues my lifelong artistic interests: What manifests from the unknown, the invisible? How to trust it?


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