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so be it

          self-portrait in black & white

how the light gets in

 painting with light:my process of working, how the  photos  come to life
                             they were all there 
               homage to my father, Max Schaefer

This video was inspired by a dream I had shortly after my father's death in December 1979. The background E sounds are recorded from a Continuum workshop with the late Emilie Conrad, the founder of Continuum Movement. It's a meditation on death, mourning and the element of water which is fundamental to this piece as it is to all life. And most of all it 's an homage to my late father, Max Schaefer. 
Love Letter to Roma, tra mito e realtà

Love Letter to Roma, tra mito e realtà,


based on my photographs and reflections of


Roma, was created for The Black Room at


Macro (Museo d’Arte Contemporanea in


Roma), and exhibited in June 2019.


It was an act of love for Roma and its people and


was part of a multimedia, participatory




which explored the idea, where is Home? Where


does the inner and outer world come into


alignment? Is there a place on earth that brings


out the best in you? 


For many, home is transient, especially when


persecution forces people to seek refuge


elsewhere. Then, home is not a choice, but a


limiting condition shaped by cultural fear and



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